Ceramic Pully Lagging

Ceramic Pulley Lagging is designed for pulleys where slippage and excessive wear problems make normal rubber lagging ineffective.
The ceramic lagging is made with square ceramic tiles embedded in rubber strip wherein the ceramic tiles are designed with a dimple profile/circular nubs to ensure minimal slippage between the belt and drive pulley. The mechanical penetration of the ceramic lagging into the belt rubber helps increase the friction between the pulley and the belt thus reducing the belt slippage.



* Provide higher belt traction.

* Improved belt tracking and reduced belt tension .

* Reduces belt slippage.

* Superior wear resistance.

* Enhances belt performance.


Diamond grooved pulley lagging

Dimension Details of Pulley Lagging.

* Diamond Hight (H) : 6 mm

* Groove Width (G) : 6 mm

* Diamond Width (A) : 27 mm

* Diamond Length (B) : 47 mm