Bharat Industrial and Hardware Mart, Established in 1968, is one of the traditional distributor of Renold Roller Chain, Diplon Conveyor Belting, Chevron Belt, Speed Chain Pully Block, Continental V-Belt & Imported Timing Belts, Gears & Sprockets, Industrial Grade Lubricants, SKF Bearing. The Company is situated in the State of Maharashtra.

Renold Industrial Chain - We are Traditional Distributor of Renold / Rolon Chain. We have ready stock up to 3" Pitch Roller Chain of both British Standard and American Standard. We also have stock of Solid Bush Chain, Uk Technology chain in Blue Box ½", 5/8", ¾", 1" long lasting Durability compared with any Roller Chain. We also have ready stock of Hollow Pin, Extended Pin and Attachment Chain like K 1, K 2 , M1 & M 2. Arrow Head Teethed Chain Simplex / Duplex at Ex-Stock.

Conveyor Belting - We are Distributor of reputed,  ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company of Conveyor Belting and having range width upto 2400 mm. The quality of the belts manufactured is as per ISO Standard 1891 Part  I , II , III , IV. All are belts are manufactured using specially designed fabrics and inter-ply/skim rubber to withstand impact on belts which is a common cause for belt damage. These belts are suitable for achieving high splice strength with standard system of splicing, either hot or cold method. We have reputed customers in sectors such as steel plants, cement plants, mines, thermal power plants, fertilizers etc. We have ready stock of all conveyor belts ranging from 450mm to 1400mm wide and from 3 ply to 5 ply. We also heavy stock of SHR Grade conveyor belts.

Lubricating Oil & Greases - We are also Distributor of ACES LUBRICANTS PVT. LTD. Lubricating Oils & Grease. We have a ready stock of Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil EP, Compressor Oil, High Temperature Grease. ACES Brand is also approved in International market and regularly export throughout the world maintaining quality of international standards.

We have Ready Stock of HPCL & BPCL Industrial Grade Lubricants.

SKF Bearing - We are stockist of all types of SKF Bearing .