Range Of Chevron Belts
















The overlapping of the profiles/cleats assures a smooth return run and thus minimizing the damage caused, by the return idlers, to the profiles/cleats.

Incline angles achievable incline angles are dependent on type of chevron selected and the material characteristics, such as, lump size, flowability, dry/wet, shape etc.



Belt Width : 350 mm (14") to 1600 mm (64").

Type of Fabric : EP (Polyester-Nylon), NN/PP (Nylon-Nylon).

Profile/Cleat height : 15 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm.

No. of plies : 1 to 5.

Length : Standard roll length is 100 meters. However, tailor -made lengths as per specific requirements can be produced.The restriction on length over and above100 meters is subject to transportable roll diameter and weight.

Duty of Belting : Type I, II and III.

Cover Grades : M-24, N-17, M-25, SAR-120, SAR-90, SAR-60 ,OR, FR, HR/HR-T1,SHR/ HR-T2, HR-T3 (180°C), Hygienic (Food Grade), OR-HR.

Standards followed : IS 1891 (Part I, II, III, IV & V), BS 490, CAN-CSA- M422-M87-C,

ISO-340, ISO 4195(Part I & II),AS 1332, DIN 22102, RMA, SANS.