wire rope electric hoist


Is the true and most reliable solution for material handling problems. The standard designs are suitable for class II applications, as per IS:3938, i.e. for medium duty applications. However, class III or IV hoists are available on order.

The accompanying charts give standard capacities and lifts, but higher capacities and lifting heights, are available on order. Also,FLAME PROOF HOISTS.

Following are some highlights of this versatile machine.

MAIN FRAME :- Is fabricated by M.S. plates, and all other components viz, Motor, Gear Box, Electrical Panel box and brake etc. are fitted to it in such a way, as to make access easy, to each, without disturbing others.

ROPE DRUM :- Is made out of seamless pipe, of sufficient thickness. The grooves are very accurately machined on it, which ensures proper sitting of wire rope in it. It is supported on Ball Bearings, by high tensile steel adaptors.

ROPE GUIDE :- It prevents the rope from overlapping on drum, and guides it accurately to the grooves. It is designed, so as to enable easy removal, for maintenance purpose. It also guards against slackening of rope on drum.

GEAR BOX:- Specially designed gear box is attached to the frame. It transmits power from motor, to the drum, with the greatest possible mechanical advantage. The Gears are of special Alloy Steel. They are precisely machined, hardened and tempered, for longer life, with smooth and noiseless running.

HOOKS :- The alloy Steel, forged, heavy duty, hook, is supported on thrust bearing, in the bottom block frame, which is robustly fabricated.

TROLLEY :- The Trolley can be adjusted to different beam sizes. The Trolley wheels are made of Steel, having a perfect Curve to enable running, with minimum friction on beam.

BRAKE: - Specially designed for hoist application, failsafe, electromagnectic disc type brake, ensures complete safety at any hoisting position. These Brakes are salf adjusting, for wear.

ELECTRIC MOTOR :- Special Hoist duty motor, used, with class B insulation. These are suitable foe more than 100 starts and stops per hour.